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Tourism in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu TourismThe state of Tamil Nadu has the potential to become a preferred tourism destination world-wide. With an area of 130,058 sq. km and a population of over 55 million, Tamil Nadu is the eleventh largest populated and the third most industrialized state in India. It boasts successful tourism infrastructure in its Western border, Karnataka, and also enjoys a long unbroken coastline in the Bay of Bengal.

Tamil Nadu is a wonderful tourist place for many reasons. First, it has glorious culture and history. Tamil Nadu has one of the oldest civilizations of the world. It is the home of Dravidian art and culture, characterized by its distinctive music and dances, its amazingly decorated temples with their soaring towers and its plentiful and colorful festivals. There is at least one festival per month, celebrating various events: summer, mangos, teas, Hindu gods, dances, etc.

Tamil Nadu is referred as the "Land of Temples" because there are more than 30,000 temples in this state. Secondly, its natural beauty is very attractive to tourists. The geographic features of Tamil Nadu are very diverse. They range from densely forested lands with abundant wildlife to large mountain ranges. It has excellent beaches and hill resorts, and its southern tip is well known for its beautiful sunrise and sunset. The land can be divided into five major physical divisions - the Kurinji or mountainous region, the Mullai or forest region, the Palai Vor arid region, the Marudham or the fertile plains and the Neidhal or coastal region

Tamil Nadu Cities

Chennai Chidambaram Coimbatore Coonoor Kanchipuram
Kanyakumari Kodaikanal Kotagiri Kumbakonam Madurai
Mamallapuram Rameswaram Thanjavur Tiruchirappalli Tiruvannamalai
Udhagmandalam(Ooty) Vellore

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