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Mosques in Tamilnadu

Makka Masjid

Makka Masjid is one of the most important Mosque in Chennai city. Hundreds of worshippers can be accommodated in this Mosque at a time. This mosque is located at the back of Baba Hasarth Syed Moosa Hadari Dharga 822 Anna Salai, Chennai - 600 002.

Masjid Mamoor

Masjid Mamoor, a mosque holy to Muslims Mannady was first built in the 18th century, and later reconstructed in granite by the Nawab of Arcot’s family in the late 19th century. modern architectural additions are the exclusive two-pillar supports and the outer walls. Five thousand worshippers can be accommodated in this mosque at a time. Angappan Naicken Street, Muthialpet, Chennai - 600 001

The Grand Mosque

In this Grand Mosque in Red Stone was build by Nawab Wallajah - Mohamed Au, Grand Father of the present incumbent of Ansir Mahal and the Prince if Arcot. In this surrounding area maximum number of Muslim peoples were living here. This is supposed to be larger than Delhi Juma Masjid and is located in Triplicane, Chennai - 600 005.

Thousand Lights Mosque

This is a attractive cream-colored, multi-domed mosque with walls bearing recently-painted sayings from the Holy Koran. It locates at the junction of Mount Road and Peters Road in an area known as Ayiramvilakku (Thousand Lights). The original mosque was constructed here by Nawab Umdat-ul-Umrah in 1800 for the assembly of Shias during Muharram mourning. Sydenhams Road, Chennai-600 006

Wallajah Mosque

This mosque is located on the Triplicane High Road in Chepauk. It was usually known as the Big Mosque and was built in 1789. It has large open space and is the biggest in the city. In various occasions, all the Muslims in the city assemble here. It is an impressive and historic mosque, which is associated with Nawab Wallajah`s family.

Hazrat Baba Darga

This Muslim Saint Hazarat Baba’s original name was Hazrath Dastageer Sahib Baba . It is nearly 300 years while his end. He has front seen his death and has told his disciples not to conducts the Janaza (Funeral) prayers under any other Imam. Baffled disciples were much delighted when the Baba himself appeared and dis-appeared after conducting his own Janaza prayer.

Moti Baba Darga

Traditionally known as ‘Moti Baba Darga’ This is the ending resting place of Muslim Saint Hazrat Khaja Gulam Dasthagir Moti Baba. This also one of the most important dargas. Moti Baba was a friend of Hazrath Kader Wali of Nagore. His anniversary of Kandoori Urs (known as ‘Sandana Koodu’) is celebrated during Hijra Era Dul-Haj month 25th & 26th every year. exceptional prayers are held on every Thursday & Sundays in the Darga at 7 PM. 422, Pantheon Salai, Egmore, Chennai-8

Quadri Baba Darga

A dedication of this Darga says ‘Seyed Baba Quadri Sha 1793 - Hazaraj Rabbani Baba Shah Quadri - 1793 Maqam’ except this there isn’t much information about this much revered Muslim saint fondly called by people a Quadri Baba. Simple and small this darga under the shady trunks of an old tree attracts people from all walks of life. Tamilnadu Bharath Scouts Complex, Vencock Park, Triplicane, Chennai - 600 005

Thameem Ansari Baba Darga

A devoted follower of the words and deeds of prophet Muhammad (P.U.B) He was born in Medina. Soon after his demise, and as per his last wish, his mortal remains were put in a coffin and immersed in the sea. However, it reached the shores of Kovalam beach. Thus came into being the holy shrine of the muslim Saint Thameem Ansari Baba. The first thursday after full moon day is observed as a day of devotion. Darga is open from 5.00 a.m to 10.00 p.m.