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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

CB-CID to tighten screws on FIs

CHENNAI: Following complaints on private financial institutions, the CB-CID will request the Tamil Nadu government to make it mandatory that such institutions should get an NOC from the CB-CID before launching a company, G Thilagavathy, ADGP, Economic Offences Wing (EOW), said here on Friday.The CB-CID will also request the government to grant them authority to audit the existing institutions every three months. The EOW has registered 44 cases of frauds by financial institutions and recovered Rs 67.57 crore.Providing details about their latest hunt on fraudulent financial institutions, the ADGP said the EOW arrested five persons from Valasarvakkam in Chennai, Virudhunagar and Vellore.Real King Marketing at Valsaravakkam had 4,000 depositors, who were cheated to the tune of Rs 40 crore. Four people involved in the fraud, Gunalan, Raja Yesupatham, Tamilselvi and Santhosh Kumar, are absconding.Gold Power Marketing located at Vignesh Colony, Virudhunagar, was started in August 2009. They lured people into investing Rs 5,000 and the company received Rs 50 crore out of which they did not return Rs 18.98 crore. Based on the complaints the EOW received, Vijayakumar, Srinivasan, and Sokkammal were arrested.The police are on the look out for one Jansirani.A chit fund at Vellore, Kings Star Mercantile, which was started in 2008 had cheated Rs 11.30 crore.A total of 2,734 people had deposited in the chit fund.The managing director of the company, Sreenivasan, and his partner Palanisamy were arrested.


Two injured as MK's security van overturns

Two policemen were injured when a security van escorting Tamil Nadu chief minister M Karunanidhi overturned on the Yeshwanthpur flyover on Sunday morning.
Karunanidhi was heading towards the Bengaluru International Airport to catch a 10.20 am flight to Chennai when the driver of the vehicle at the tail end of the convoy lost control, leading to the mishap around 9am. The rest of the motorcade went ahead, oblivious of the missing security van.
The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam patriarch was returning home after visiting his daughter Selvi, a resident of JP Nagar. The accident did not affect Karunanidhi's schedule.
The injured policemen, assistant sub-inspector Channe Gowda and constable Badrinath, have been kept under observation at MS Ramaiah Memorial Hospital. The doctors treating them said their injuries were not life-threatening.
Ten City Armed Reserve policemen - the strike force - were in the van that had overturned. The accident held up traffic on the flyover. However, police soon pressed a crane into service and removed the vehicle.
Deputy commissioner of police (Traffic West) PH Rane, who was travelling just behind Karunanidhi'scar, said that the convoy was informed of the accident 15 minutes later, when they had reached Mekhri Circle. "We deploy the strike force to intervene in case of emergency. The driver of the van tried to negotiate a right turn, but lost control over the vehicle. Even though he applied brakes, the vehicletoppled," he said.
When Karunanidhi was proceeding towards Selvi's house on December 24, the jammer in his motorcade had caught fire near Hebbal flyover.The security personnel extinguished the fire.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Tamil Nadu to be first to give power to all BPL families by Jan 2010

 CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu is set to become the first state in the country to provide electricity for all Below Povery Line (BPL) families by January
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2010, with just 1.18 lakh families remaining to be covered of a total of 5.24 lakh, according to a top state electricity board official. 

"We set ourselves a target of providing electricity to all BPL families by December 2009.But it got delayed and we intend to achieve the target by January 2010", Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Chairman C P Singh said at a function here last night.

He said 4.06 lakh families of 5.24 lakh in BPL category had been covered and the others would be covered by next month. "With this,Tamil Nadu will be the first to provide electricity to all BPL families", he said at an interactive meet with Tamil Nadu Electricity Consumers Association last night.

Claiming that Tamil Nadu has the lowest power tariff, he said load shedding in the state was expected to remain till the last quarter of 2010.

"By that time, TNEB will be able to withdraw power cuts as most powerplants are expected to be operational. If that happens, there will be an additional 1000 MW. There is also a possibility of Kudankulam Power plant being operational."

Singh said the power situation in Tamil Nadu was better than other states. "While the demand-supply gap is 25-30 per cent in other states, it is 15-20 per cent in Tamil Nadu."

He said the government's roll out of "Open Access" system has not received the expected response."If you are willing to use the system,we may relax power cut in industrial units", he told Association members.


Authorities eye aid from Tamil Tigers to identify migrants

Canadian authorities are considering tracking down known Tamil Tigers – some outside the country – to help them distinguish potential terrorists from genuine refugees among the 76 Tamil men who arrived in a boat off Vancouver Island in October.
The government is also considering seeking assistance from the Sri Lankan government as it attempts to delve into the backgrounds of these men who claim to be refugees fleeing postwar Sri Lanka.
The revelations were made at a detention hearing Monday for one of the Tamil migrants, who remains behind bars in a Vancouver-area detention centre. Government lawyer Ron Yamauchi was making the case to keep the man in custody for security reasons.
The Immigration and Refugee Board has so far sided with the government's position that these mysterious men must stay in custody because there is reasonable grounds to believe they might be inadmissible to Canada on security grounds. But the men can't be held in detention indefinitely. At some point, the government must seek to have them sent home or allow them to be released while their refugee claims proceed.
Some security experts have suggested that the migrant ship was filled with Tamil Tigers, the violent separatist group that waged a decades-long civil war with the Sri Lankan government, which ended in their defeat last spring.
But after more than a month of interviews and investigation, the government has not provided proof that the migrants were members of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).
Yesterday, Mr. Yamauchi repeated the government's assertion that it suspects there were Tigers aboard the ship and noted that authorities here plan to consult both Tigers and Sri Lankan government officials in their bid to identify the men.
Mr. Yamauchi conceded the plans are “delicate” and fraught with “complexities.”
A lawyer for many of the Tamil boat people said enlisting the help of Tamil Tigers to identify the men is tricky because he doubted the reliability of Tiger informants.
Lawyer Lorne Waldman also dismissed the notion of asking the Sri Lankan government for help.
A Sri Lankan diplomat in Toronto has said he doesn't believe Tamils are threatened in Sri Lanka and they don't need refuge in Canada.
The government's proposed methods to identify the migrant men underscore the difficulty of determining if the men are terrorists on the run.
Those complexities were evident at a hearing Monday for another young Tamil seeking release. (The migrants can't be identified because of a publication ban.)
Mr. Yamauchi said the man was involved in fundraising for the Tigers in Sri Lanka. But he also noted that the man told him that his business organization in Sri Lanka forced all members to fundraise for the Tigers.
Earlier, Mr. Waldman urged the board to disregard the advice of a Singapore-based terrorism expert who claims that Tamil Tigers were aboard the ship that arrived off the Canadian coast on Oct. 17.
Mr. Waldman said Rohan Gunaratna, the government's chief adviser on the Tamil boat people, is biased against Tamils, too cozy with the Sri Lankan government and can't be trusted because he won't reveal his sources.
“Mr. Gunaratna is not an objective expert as he lacks both independence and impartiality,” Mr. Waldman told the IRB hearing via teleconference.
Mr. Gunaratna's credibility could have an impact on whether the migrant men, all of whom have made refugee bids to stay in Canada, will be released in the near future.
Among other things, Mr. Gunaratna has advised the Canadian government that the ship the migrants arrived on was a former Tiger gun-running ship, that at least two of the migrants are Tigers and that the LTTE planned to set up a new base of operations in Canada after its defeat in the civil war.
The migrants who arrived off Canada's West Coast last October are the first wave of those Tigers to move to Canada, Mr. Gunaratna has said.
The detention cases have been held up for weeks as lawyers for the migrants demanded to cross-examine Mr. Gunaratna. He was grilled at a hearing last month by lawyers for the migrants.
An immigration and refugee adjudicator will rule next Monday on how much weight she will give to Mr. Gunaratna's opinions.


Srilankan News TNS Corner World News TN Health News Featured Webfeed Feedback Suggest this page Resounding 99.82% Canadian Tamil Voters mandated Independent State by Voting YES to the Vaddukoaddai Resolution

Canadian Tamils have spoken overwhelmingly with their democratic voices for the voiceless Tamil brethrens in Sri Lanka in polls which were conducted today coast to coast throughout Canada.  Just shy of 50,000 Canadian Tamils took part in this historic, transparent, fair and democratic process, a election official has told TNS reporter. According to the official reuslts from Tamil Elections Canada published at their web site:

Total Voter turnout: 48, 583

99.82% YES And 0.18% NO
Media Coverage of the Election Results

More than 99 % people who have voted in the referendum polls in Canada gave the mandate today that they support the independent Tamil Nation and reaffirmed the Vaddukkoaddai Resolution of 1976, which was mandated by Tamils in the north and east of the island of Sri Lanka in the 1977 general election.

The Vaddukkoddai Resolution states, "I aspire for the formation of the independent and sovereign state of Tamil Eelam in the north and east territory of the island of Sri Lanka on the basis that the Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka make a distinct nation, have a traditional homeland and have the right to self-determination."

Voters were lining up at a polling station

Canadian media described the polls as ever independent nationwide referendum by a Canadian community across major Canadian cities.

ES&S, recognised as biggest International and North American election firm, managed and monitored the poll and the ballot choosing process.

Results were announced at a press conference held at the Delta Toronto East Hotel for 30 polling stations as results of Vancouver were awaited at 10:20 p.m. Toronto time.

Witnessing the referendum, Adam Giambrone, the chair of the Toronto Transport Commission and a Toronto City Councilor, said at the press conference that the figure speaks to an incredible democratic process and praised the voluntary efforts laid behind the success of the referendum.

"As a government official in the city of Toronto, I think that is incredibly important to recognise the importance of democratic process of the fact that close to 50 000 people from the country, many of them right here in Toronto, have got out, got informed, and stood with the elections when they went out and voted in the free and fair elections," he said. "That would give your community to stand up and speak for your issue knowing that they got the credibility of the entire community behind them."

Congratulating the 2,000 volunteers he said the thousands of voters who voted gave a credit to the community itself. It also reflected how the [Tamil] community in Toronto has been engaged in actually going out and voting as they have done earlier in Toronto provincial and federal elections.

Electronic Voting

The organizers, Coalition for Tamil Elections Canada opted for registration of voters with an idea this will be useful for future elections. Also it was a requisite for the company officiating the poll. But a leading Tamil media in Canada carried out a vicious campaign that this information could reach the Sri Lanka government and will affect any travel prospects of the voters to Sri Lanka.

Calculatedly nurtured campaign that Tamils don’t want independence, orchestrated Tamil politics and media working for the above agenda and Establishments of Eezham Tamils gone obsolete by not reading the pulse of the masses could be challenged only through such referenda of people, said a Canadian university student.

Looking too close at events, some of the Canadian media miss larger issues, responded another youth. They delve into discussing insignificant issues about personalities, proscribed organizations and marginal groups, but miss the revolution that is taking place with Tamils, he said.

The impressive turn out of voters amidst international campaign that Tamil Eelam is drowned in Mullivaaykkal has stunned the observers.

Results of the Referendum also published by the Coalition for Tamil Elections Canada has a website at www.tamilelections.ca.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Complaints give CEO sleepless nights

CHENNAI: Complaints regarding the by-election to Tiruchendur and Vandavasi constituencies are flooding the mobile phone as well as the landline of Chief Electoral Officer Naresh Gupta, giving him sleepless nights for the past few days.Most of the calls are coming in late night, said the CEO at a press conference, here on Wednesday. When asked about the number of complaints he had received about the irregularities during the campaign for the by-election, the CEO said he could not maintain an account.“For instance, last night I got a call at 12 midnight about an attack on some volunteers of political parties in Tiruchendur. Immediately, the matter was referred to the DIG concerned and later I got the message that people belonging to both parties were detained in connection with the attack,’’ he said.Just a few days ago, the CEO got a call at 2 am about a raid at a hotel in Tiruchendur where some AIADMK leaders were staying and he had to enquire about the whole incident at that odd hour.When questioned about whether he was satisfied at the arrangements in both the constituencies’, he gave an indirect reply: “The desire for power is a common human weakness and this has to be achieved through fair means. But, for some political parties or candidates, the means are not that important as the end.’’ Recalling the adage of Mahatma Gandhi, “means are as important as the end’’, the CEO said that some political parties had unfortunately forgotten to follow this.

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