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Tamilnadu - Fine arts - Karagattam - Oyil Kummi

Oyil Kummi

Yet another typical speciality of the southern region is the snake-dance which arises from the popularity of the snake as a protective divinity, safeguarding the health and happiness of the rurng girls dressewith head and hands. The raised hands held together look liker hips. This is made of light-weighted materials and the cloth at the sides swings to ad fro cves of the horse. The dancer brandishes either a sword or a whip. This folk dance needs much training and skill. This dance is accompanied by Naiyandi melam or Band music. This is connected to the worship of Ayyanar, prevails mainly around Thanjavur.

Puli Attam

Puli Attam is performed by young men with painted bodies in colours yellow and black, complete with fangs, head gear with ears, paws with claws aWildly beating drums add frenzy the performance. Sometimes, a gos tied and brought along with the dancers, pretend to pounce on it and kill it. This dance is regularly performed during temple festivals, drawingarge crowds.

Sevai Attam

This form of art is devoted to 'Thirumal) and is performed by village folk belonging especially to Natakommunity. In this dance the performers forming a group, with of them acting the buffoon, dance to the music of percussion instrument lie 'urumi'. The classical songs and the measured steps wraceful movements aree special features of Sevai Attam Sangam works this had been known as 'Pinther Kuruvai'. In those days this was performed at the rear ofhariot procession either of a king or a deity.


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