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Tamil Nadu - Fine arts - Karagattam


Tamil Nadu had developed the art of entertainment to its pristine heights at early age. The three modes of entertainment to its pristine heights at a very early age. The three modes of entertainment classified as Iyal (Literature), Isai (Music) and Nadagam (Drama) had their roots in the rural folk theatre like Theru Koothu (Street play). Many forms of group and individual dances with the classical forms for popularity and sheer entertainment value. Majority of these dances are still thriving in Tamil Nadu today.

Bagavatha Nadanam Bommalattam Bharathanatyam Chakkai Attam
Devaraattam Kamandi Kai Silambu Attam Kolattam
Karagattam Kavadi Aattam Kazhai Kothu Kummi
Mayil Attam Ottan Koothu Oyilattam Oyil Kummi
Paampu Atam Poikkal Kudirai Aattam Puli Attam Sevai Attam
Thappaattam Theru Koothu Urummi Attam Villu Pattu

Bagavatha Nadanam

This dance is performed inside a temple, around a lamp. The purpose is to worship Lord Krishna, and celebrate his frolics with the gopikas. This is performed during Ramanavami and Gokulashtami.

Bommalattam or Puppet Show

Puppet shows are held in every village during festivals and fairs. Many different kinds of puppets are used for this show - cloth, wood, leather, etc. They are manipulated through strings or wires. The persons stand behind a screen and the puppets are held in front. The stories enacted in the puppet shows are from puranas, epics and folklore. These shows are very entertaining and hold both adults and children enthralled for many hours.

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