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List of music styles

Music is a very interesting area of expertise and as a result of this there are many different music styles that are used throughout the world. Such as classical, jazz and cultural. Most songs and compositions belong to a specific type of music and/or genre. Music can be divided into genres in many different ways. These classifications are often arbitrary and controversial, and closely related styles often overlap. Many do not believe that generic classification of musical styles is possible in any logically consistent way, and also argue that doing so sets limitations and boundaries that hinder the development of music. While no one doubts that it is possible to note similarities between musical pieces, there are often exceptions and caveats associated. Labeling music with genres often do not reflect a specific culture, race, or time period. Larger genres consist of more specific subgenres.

There are some list of music that of tamil nadu as categorized


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Indian classical music is categorized under two genres. They are Hindustani and Carnatic. Broadly Hindustani developed in the northern regions of the country
Folk Kuchipudi