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List of music styles B

* Bachata - originated in the countryside and the rural neighborhoods of the Dominican Republic. Its subjects are often romantical; especially prevalent are tales of heartbreak and sadness.

* Baggy

* Baião - a Northeast Brazilian rhythmic formula that became the basis of a wide range of music.

* Bakersfield sound - gritty, hard-edged reaction against 1950s pop country (Nashville sound)

* Bakshy - Turkmen folk music made by travelling musicians also called bakshy

* Baila - Sri Lankan dance music derived from African slaves held by the Portuguese

* Baile Funk - Brazilian dance music literally means "ball", as in "dance party", and "funk"

* Baisha xiyue - a song and dance suite from the Naxi of Lijiang, China

* Bajourou - Malian (Mali) pop music usually played at weddings and social gatherings.

* Bakou - trilling vocals that accompany Wolof wrestling

* Bal-musette - a style of French music and dance which arose in 1880s Paris especially the 5th, 11th, and 12th districts.

* Balakadri - a traditional quadrille music that was performed for balls on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe.

* Ballad - generic term for usually slow, romantic, despairing and catastrophic songs

* Ballata - an Italian poetic and musical form, which was in use from the late 13th to the 15th century.

* Ballet (music)

* Bamboo band - originally from the Solomon Islands, music played by hitting bamboo tubes with sandals

* Bambuco - the "unofficial music of Colombia". Folk music accompanied by a stylized group dance in either a 6/8 or 3/4 meter.

* Banda - Mexican brass norteño pop music invented in the 1960s

* Bangsawan - a type of traditional Malay opera. It was known to have developed from a sort of Indian theatre performance during the 19th century by visiting Indian travellers.

* Bantowbol

* Barbershop music - a style of a cappella, or unaccompanied vocal music characterized by consonant four-part chords for every melody note in a predominantly homophonic texture

* Barndance

* Baroque music - 17th-18th century European classical music

* Bass music (Miami bass, Booty bass) - electro influenced form of hip hop dance music arising in Miami, Florida

* Batá-rumba - a form of Rumba music popular mainly in Cuba

* Batcave (club) - original gothic rock music.

* Batucada - a substyle of samba and refers to an African influenced Brazilian percussive style, usually performed by an ensemble.

* Batuco

* Beach music - a regional genre which developed from various musical styles of the forties, fifties and sixties.

* Beat - a fusion of rock and roll, doo wop, skiffle, R&B and soul.

* Beatboxing - Music performed by producing percussive and melodic sounds with the mouth alone

* Bebop - 1940s jazz style with complex improvisation and a fast tempo

* Beiguan - Taiwanese instrumental music

* Bel canto - Italian vocal style which arose in the late 16th century and which ended in the mid-19th century

* Bend-skin - a kind of urban Cameroonian popular music.

* Benga - a genre of Kenyan popular music

* Bhajan - a Hindu religious song

* Bhangra - originally Punjabi dance music

* Bhangra-wine

* Bhangragga

* Bhangramuffin

* Big band music - large orchestras which play a form of swing music

* Big Beat - 1990s electronic music based on breakbeat with other influences

* Biguine - Guadeloupean folk music

* Black ambient - blackened form of dark ambient music

* Blackened death metal - a fusion between death and black metal

* Black metal - highly distorted and swift form of heavy metal

* Bluegrass - American country music mixed with Irish and Scottish influences

* Blue-eyed soul - rhythm and blues or soul music performed by white artists.

* Blues - African-American music from the Mississippi Delta area

* Blues ballad - the sound of the blues using a blues scale and blues style chord progressions

* Blues-rock - a hybrid musical genre combining bluesy improvisations over the 12-bar blues and extended boogie

* Biomusic - a form of experimental music which deals with sounds created or performed by living things.

* Bitpop - electronic music, where at least part of the music is made using old 8-bit computers,

* Bocet

* Bohemian Dub - Contemporary music style that blends Hip Hop, Dub, Funk, Pop and Klezmer music

* Boi - Central Amazonian folk music* Bolero - Spanish and Cuban dance and music

* Bomba

* Bombay pop

* Bongo - distinctive African drum and style of drumming

* Boogie woogie - style of piano-based blues popular in the 1940s US

* Boogaloo - soul and mambo fusion popular in 1960s United States

* Bossa nova

* Bothy ballad - songs sung by farm labourers, specifically in the northeast region of Scotland.

* Bouncy techno - a rave hardcore dance music style that developed from around 1992

* Boy band

* Boy with guitar

* Brass band - a musical group generally consisting entirely of brass instruments, most often with a percussion section.

* Brazilian funk

* Brazilian jazz - bossa nova and samba mixed with American jazz

* Breakbeat - a collection of sub-genres of electronic music

* Breakbeat hardcore - a derivate of acid house that combines 4-to-the-floor rhythms

* Breakcore - an electronic music style that brings together elements of industrial

* Brill Building Pop - named after New York's Brill Building at 1619 Broadway

* Britfunk

* Britpop

* British blues

* British Invasion - rock and roll, beat and pop performers from the United Kingdom who became popular

* Broken beat - an electronic music genre which can be characterized

* Brown-eyed soul - a subgenre of soul music or rhythm and blues created in the United States

* Bubblegum dance

* Bubblegum pop - sometimes synonymous with pop music, especially that performed by teen idols

* Bikutsi

* Bulerias

* Bumba-meu-boi

* Bunraku - Japanese style originated from a kind of puppet-theater.

* Burger-highlife

* Burgundian School...

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Indian classical music is categorized under two genres. They are Hindustani and Carnatic. Broadly Hindustani developed in the northern regions of the country
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