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Interesting Places in Poompuhar

Temples around Poompuhar


1. Thirusaikkadu (Sayavanam) It is situated 2 kms away from the Poompuhar estuary. The temple is dedicated to Thirusayavaneswarar and Iraivi Kuyilinam Nanmozhi Ammai. This temple has been praised by Nayanmars in their hymns. Chola inscriptions are found in the temple.


2. Thiruppallavaneeswaram (Poompuhar) This is an ancient and very beautiful temple. Iyarppakai Nayanar and Pattinatthar were born here. The hero and heroine of Sillappathikaram - Kovalan and Kannagi were also born here. The Saivaite saint Thirugnana Sambandar praised this temple.

Melapperumpallam and Keezhapperumpallam

3. Melapperumpallam and Keezhapperumpallam  These two sthalams are situated very near Poompuhar and Thiruvengadu. The Valampuranathar temple at Melapperumpallam has Chola inscriptions. It is noted for the famous Nayanmar's hymns. Keezhapperumpallam is 2 kms from Poompuhar. It is the temple where Kethu the zodiacal sign has a separate sthalam.


4. Thiruvengadu  Thiruvengadu is situated at a distance of 10 kms from Sirkali near Poompuhar. Four great Saivaite Saints have sung hymns about this town. This is the place where Meykandar was born. Budhan the zodiac sign Mercury has a separate sthalam in Thiruvengadu temple. The presiding deity here is Sri Swetharanyeswarar.


5. Thiruvakkur It is located in the Tranquebar Taluk. This Shiva temple is based on Madakkoil pattern. Sirappuli Nayanar one of the 63 Nayanmars was born in this town. Hymns have been sung about this temple by the Nayanmars.


6. Sempanarkoil This antique temple is referred to as Thirusumponpalli in the Thevaram hymns. It is on the road between Tranquebar and Mayiladuthurai. It is a temple that has historical significance.


7. Thirukkadaiyur (Thirukkadayur) Thirukkadaiyur is on the route between Mayiladuthurai and Tranquebar. It is one of the eight temples or Astha Veeratta sthalam glorifying the heroic deeds of Lord Shiva. Sthalapuranam says that Lord Shiva exterminated Yama at this place to save the life of Markandeya. It is one of the famous shakthi sthalams. The great poet and devotee Abirami Pattar has sung the holy hymns of Abirami Andhathi in this place. Devotees like this place to celebrate their Shastiyabtha poorthi or the sixtieth birthday celebrations.

Anantha Mangalam

8. Anantha Mangalam It is a small village near Thirukkadaiyur. The temple here is noted for the presiding deity of Dasapuja Veera Anjaneyar.


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