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Sillappathikara Art Gallery

Sillappathikara Art Gallery 

A beautiful seven-tiered building of great sculptural value has been built to house the Sillappathikara Art Gallery. The first storey is 12 feet high, and each storey above it has a height of 5 feet. The topmost part, which has kalasams, has a height of 8'. The total height of Art gallery is 50 feet.Visiting Time 8.30 a.m to 8.30 a.m Entrance Fee Adult Rs 3/- Child Rs 2/-.

Magara Thoranavayil

The Magara Thoranavayil at the entrance of the Art Gallery imparts an imposing and beautiful look to the whole structure. Its height is 22½ feet. It has been designed on the pattern of Magara Thoranavayil, found in Suruli Malai Mangala Devi Koil. There is also an anklet-shaped tank in the Art Gallery. On one side of this tank are installed the statues of Kannagi 9½ feet tall, and Madhavi 8½' in height.

Scenes from the Sillappathikaram, the ancient Tamil epic have been etched in stone on the walls of the Gallery. These sculptures carved by the sculptors of Mamallapuram Art College remain the treasure house of Tamil culture and tradition.

Elanchi Mandram:

Elanchi Mandram: It is nothing but a Monument refered in the epic Silapathikaram. In Silapathikaram, Devanthi, the friend of Kannagi, told to her about the Elanchi. Mandram Situated in the Confluence of Cauvery into Bay of Bengal. It is a park where Neydarl filed opens its petals and where two saived tanks are dedicated to the Sun and the Moon respectively. Those women who bathe in them and worship the Gold of Love enshrined there will ever enjoy the company of their husbands in the world.

Kotra Pandal

Kotra Pandal : The stage in which the arrangement of Madhavi trok place was choosen in accordance with the time honoured tradition and the horps set by the architects. The Canopy was painted with many beautiful pictures, from which were hanging Loosely garlands of pears. It showed the novel and attractive appearance, which the stage presented.

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14.90 Sq. Km.


86,155 (as per 1991 - census)




22.64 mm (Average)




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Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation Hotel Tamil Nadu Thonithurai Road,
Tel : 22389

Lodges are available at rent ranging from Rs.50/- to 500/-


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