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Temples around Poompuhar

Vaitheswaran Koil

9. Vaitheswaran Koil This place is situated between Mayiladuthurai and Sirkali on the bus route. It is called Pullirukkuvolur in the Thevarams. This old temple has the deities of Vaithyanathan (Shiva) Thaiyal Nayaki (Shakti) and Muthukkumarasamy (Murugan). This temple is famous for its sculptural wonders. It has a special sthalam for Sevvai or the zodiac sign Mars one of the Navagraghas Angrahans.


10. Sirkazhi It is the birthplace of great Shaivite Saint Thirugana Sambandar. The famous Thoniyappar Shivalayam is situated here. It is a beautiful temple of historical importance.

Thirunallaru .

11. Thirunallaru The famous Shiva temple lies at a distance of 5 Kms from Karaikkal. The Shiva temple here is glorified in Thevarams. It is one of the 'Sapthavidanga's Thalams. The temple for Saneeshwara (Saturn) one of the Navagrahas, is famous.


12. Thiruvarur: Thiruvarur is at a distance of 65 Kms from Poompuhar and 20 kms from Nagapattinam. This place is noted for Thiyagaraja temple and the chariot (temple car). It is the most prominent of the Ashta Veeratha Sthalams. The art gallery depicting the myths of Manuneethi Chola, the grand Kamalambal temple is one of the famous Shakti Peedams. The unique feature of the town is that it has three Shiva temples at one place. The well known Panchamuga Vathyam and Paru Nagaswaram are still played during regular Poojas. The Musical Trinity of Thiyagaiyyar, Muthuswamy Deekshither and Shiyama Sastri were born here.


13. Tranquebar (Tharangambadi) is 35 kms north of Nagapattinam on the coastal line of Bay of Bengal. Danish fort and buildings with Danish architecture are the attractions of Tranquebar.

The Danish came here on commercial venture in 1620 and built the Danishburg Fort. The place developed into a town in 1690. Christian missionaries came here in 1702 to spread their religion. In the 18th century the population of the town ranged around 200. The Danish Government took over the administration of the town from the commercial agencies in 1777. The army barracks was constructed in 1780. The Fort was renovated in 1792 with the construction of town gate way.

Since 1800 Tranquebar began to lose gradually its commercial importance. After 225 years of Danish rule Tranquebar was sold to British East India company in 1845.

The Christian missionaries converted Danish Buildings into Educational Institutions in the 19th century. Buildings of the Danish times in the Danish Architectural beauty still entice the people.


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