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Silk Industry

Kanchipuram is famous for its silk sarees. The USP of these sarees is that each thread is made up of three silk fibres twisted together, making the cloth more durable, and of course costlier, compared to that from other weaving centres.

Kanchipuram sarees are world-famous, and a treasured part of every South Indian bride's trousseau. They also make good gifts, are available in various colours, and with different price tags. The only difficulty for many ladies is knowing which sarees to select, and when to stop! Happy shopping, and happy bargaining!

Total Areas

Total Area 4393.37 Sq.Kms.
Forest Area 426.57 Sq.Kms
Poromboke Area 1553.47 Sq.Kms.
Town Area 82.57 Sq.Kms.



Season Maximum Minimum
Summer 36.6° C 21.1° C
Winter 28.7° C 19.8° C




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