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Kamakshi Amman Temple

kamakshi Amman Temple This is an important shakthisthalam, known as parabrahmaroonpini. The main deity is seated on brahma, vishnu, rudra, eswara and sadasiva. The Cholas built the temple in its present from in the 12th century A.D. The temple has beautiful gopurams, pillars, mandapams and tanks.

Masjids mosque

Masjids This is a mosque built 450 years ago by the Nawab of Arcot near the Ekambareswarar temple. There is another mosque near the Vaikunta Perumal temple. The beauty is that the mosque and the temples share a common tank, true to the spirit of tolerance that India is renowned. Muslims share in the Brahmatvasam festivals of the Varadaraja temple too.

Christ Church

Christ Church a Britisher named Mclean, in1921, built this church. The brick structure was typically Scottish, with arches and pillars.

Kanchi Mutt The Kanchi Mutt is one of the mutts or peetams established by Adi Sankara, who lived from 788 to 820 AD. It has established a modern centre of learning, which has been given a deemed University status. This is at Enathur,5 kms from Kanchi. The centre has a library with ancient books and palm leaf manuscripts.


Muttukadu backwaters located 20 kms from Mamallapuram, Muttukadu is a fine picnic spot. The TTDC arranges boating and wind surfing.

Alampari 50 kms from Mamallapuram is Alamparai. There is a ruined fort was built by the Nawabs. Backwaters and cool sands provide a nice picnic spot.

Crocodile Bank

Crocodile Bank This bank was set up by Romulus Whitaker to breed several species of African and Indian crocodiles and alligators in captivity.


Mudaliarkuppam 40 kms from Mamallapuram on the East Coast Road are the beautiful backwaters of Mudaliarkuppam. Boating facilities are provided by TTDC.

Arignar Anna Zoologial Park

Arignar Anna Zoologial ParkThe Arignar Anna Zoological Park 36 kms from the heart of Chennai is one of the modern zoos of India, and the biggest in South East Asia. The zoo is situated in a reserve forest. Some of the attractions are a nocturnal animal house, reptile enclosure walk-through aviaries, pre-historic animal park, butterfly house, insectariums, children's park and an interpretation centre.


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