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Important Festival


(April - May)   An important festival in kanchipuram during this month is the Thiruvatara Uthsavam at the Arulalaperumal temple, also known as Varadaraja Temple, marking the Avatar of Shri Varadaraja on the Hastrastar. The Lord is believed to have manifested himself before Brahma on a sacrificial altar. The important feature of this festival is that on the full-moon day of this month, i.e., Chitra Pournami, Lord Varadaraja is taken in procession to the banks of the river Palar for the Nadathari Utsavam. People throng to witness the Brahma Aradhana or Brahma's worship of Lord Varadaraja. This is re-enacted on this occasion.


(May-June)  The Vaigasi festival is important at the Arulalaperumal temple. The Brahmotsavam is observed for ten days in this month on a spectacular scale. An epigraph of the 14th century mentions the routes for the procession of the deity during the Vaigasi festival. The Garudotsavam on the third day is especially important in this temple. The epigraph mentions the procession of the deity on those ten days on different Vahanas like Simha (Lion) Amsa (Swan), Hanumantha, (Monkey) Aswam (Horse), Gajam (Elephant) and Yali to Gangaikondan mandapa.


(June-July)  Kodai Utsavam or the summer festival, the Thiruppallandu Sirappu and the Jyeshthabhisheka of the Utsava images were conducted in Ani as mentioned in the Pandya and Vijayanagara epigraphs.


(July-August)  Epigraphic details tell us about the Thiruvadipuram festival in some of the Vaishnava temples, is conducted in Adi. Gajendra moksha is also celebrated on the full moon day in the Tamil month of Adi. This is mentioned in an epigraph dated A.D.1592.

Ekambareswar Koil Avani

(August-September) The Pavitrosavam is an important festival observed in all Vishnu temples in the Tamil month of Avani. The Gods are decorated with pavitramala or purificatory garlands made of silk thread. The main significance of this is to obtain expiation for the sins of omission and commission and other shortcomings in the daily worship and other religious rites performed in the temples throughout the year. The Shri Jayanti or birthday of Krishna on the day of the star Rohini also occurs in Avani.


(Septemper-October) In this month the grand Navaratri festival is celebrated for nine days. In the Arulalaperumal temple, both Varadaraja and his consort Perundevi Thayar are brought in procession to the 100-pillared mandapam on the Mahanavami day. Before being taken on a procession, an abhishekam or holy bath is performed for the deities in the mandapam of the Thayar shrine.


(October-November)  In this month, besides Deepavali, the festivals for the Mudal-Alwars and Manavala Mahamuni are observed. The inscriptional record of 1582 A.D. clearly mentions about the Manavala Mahamuni Aipasi-Mula-Sirappu. The festival is conducted on his birth anniversary. The honours for this are sent from the main shrine. On these days, Arulalapperumal is brought out and bathed with 81 kalasas or pots, and offerings are made.


(November-December)  The Karthigai Deepam festival in the month of Karthigai is one that is observed throughout Tamil Nadu in every home and in every temple. Agni one of the five elements is propitiated on this occasion. For the Shaivas, the Karthigai festival has its origin in the Lingodbhava legend.


(December-January)  Arudra, in the month of Margazhi, is the auspicious day of the Kailasanatha temple.


 (February-March) The grand float festival or Teppotsavam referred to as Oddani-Thirunal takes place on the full-moon day in this month in the Arulalaperumal temple. This is followed by the procession of the idols of the Perumal and Thayar to the temple garden that is called Dorai Thottam for the Davana Utsavam or the garden-festival. This festival is for 3 days. The main festival in the Kamakshi Amman Temple is Brahmotsavam and it is celebrated for 11 days, while Shivaratri is the main festival in the Kailasanatha temple.


(March-April)   The wedding function as a part of the Panguni festival is celebrated in all Shiva and Vishnu temples. In the Arulala Perumal temple, the Panguni Pallava Utsavam lasts for 7 days when the Hastagiri Mahatyam, the temple Sthalapurana, is read in the 100-pillared mandapam in the presence of the Lord. The Panguni Utsavam is a unique festival in this temple that lasts for 7 days and culminates on the Uttiram day with the wedding ceremony of Malayala Nachiyar to the Lord. People throng in the thousands to witness this divine wedding.

Car Processions   Gods in the Hindu temples are worshipped in the forms of idols. The idols are installed in the sanctum sanctorum and it will not be moved out for any purpose. However there will be an idol (Urchavar) specially meant for processions that will be bedecked, placed on an ornamental mount completely decorated with flowers. On the seventh day of the festival the idols will be taken to particular streets for people to worship.


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