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Mudhumalai Visitors information

Park attractions

Attractions in the park include:

* Scenic spots in the sanctuary are the Chief Minister’s Watchtower, the view point at Kargudi, the Ombetta Lake and the Safari Van rides on Sand Road, Circular Road, Manradiar Road, Jayadev Avenue and Bombax Road. The public roads: Kakkanalli – Torapalli road, Teppakkadu – Masanagudi road and Moyar – Masanagudi road are also rewarding places to see wild life in the Sanctuary.
* Moyar River running through the dense forest is a good place to see animals when they come to drink water from the river.
* 'Moyar River Gorge, also called the Moyar Canyon, is a dramatic 20 km (12 mi) long gorge dug out by Moyar River, which plunges into the gorge below Theppakadu in a roaring water-fall popularly known as Moyar falls.

An elephant at the Mudumalai elephant camp

* Elephant Safari and Van Safari, conducted by the Tamil Nadu Forest Department, depart from park headquarters at Theppakadu
* The Elephant Feeding Camp where one can interact with elephants and see how they are fed. The captive elephants in the sanctuary are no longer used for timber extraction work, since these areas are managed exclusively as protected areas. The elephants are engaged mainly for Eco-tourism, patrolling for anti poaching operations, to control Man-Elephant conflict outside the sanctuary or other areas and as a conservation and training center for elephants which can be visited by public.
* Museum near the Elephant feeding camp is where some animals who once lived in the Mudumalai Jungle are preserved.
* Kallatty falls located 30 km (19 mi) from Theppakadu, is a beautiful falls with a breathtaking view.
* Pykara Lake - Located 40 km (25 mi) from Theppakadu is a clean and scenic lake situated between the hills. It is an isolated lake free from pollution and crowds. Boating is conducted here. An annual summer boat race was introduced to this lake in 2008.

Welcome sign to Mudumalai National Park, 5km from Theppakadu on Mysore road
Nearby attractions

Bandipur National Park: Bandipur National Park is known for its tiger population. Also, the park shelters some of the most rare and endangered species of wildlife. Bandipur National Park is one of the protected areas within Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, which is an International Biosphere Reserve in the Western Ghats.

Wayanad Sanctuary: This sanctuary is the second largest wildlife sanctuary in Kerala. It is bestowed with lush green forests and rich wildlife. It houses some of the rare and endangered species of both flora and fauna. The sanctuary comes under Protect Elephant and one can spot herd of elephants roaming in the area.

Masinagudi: There are night safaris in open top jeeps arranged by resorts and guides who are freely accessible in Masinagudi. The night safaris are conducted on the peripheral roads running through the ajoining forest and not into the park.

Travel Map of Mudumalai National Park at Wildlife Warden Office, Ooty

The nearest airport is at Coimbatore (160 km (99 mi)) and the closest railway station, is at Udhagamandalam (67 km (42 mi)). However, in terms of travel practicality, the convenient railway station is at Mysore (90 km (56 mi)), which is on the major broad gauge line and is served by trains from across the country.

The park is most conveniently accessible by road from Mysore on NH 212 to Gundlupet, then NH 67 to Teppakadu. A little past Bandipur cross the Ari Gouder bridge to a state border check post, passing here one will enter Mudumalai National Park.

Coming from Ooty there are two different routes. One is via Kallatty, 36 km (22 mi) from Ooty on the Masinagudi road that has 36 hairpin bends through natural forests. The other route is by NH 67 via Gudalur which is 67 km (42 mi) from Ooty.

There are regular bus services that connect all the major adjoining cities with this sanctuary.


Forest Rest House -Theppakadu Log House

The forest department has cottages in various locations within the forests available on a first come first serve basis. Contact:

* Wildlife Warden, Mudumalai and Mukurthi National Parks and Sanctuary, Mount Stuart Hill, Ooty – 643001
* Reception Range Officer, Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary & National Park, Theppakadu, The Nilgiris. Phone: 0423-526235

There are various private resorts and guest houses that visitors can stay in.

* Rockgardens holiday resorts, Mudumalai, Gudalur
* Wilderness Resort, Mudumalai,
* Jungle Home is private guest house in Mudumalai offering budget accommodation.


There are three post offices in the sanctuary. STD/ISD/PCO telephone service is available in Theppakadu, Masinagudi, Thorapalli and the nearby towns. The mobile phone network (BSNL) is available in the Sanctuary.

Threats Trees after a forest fire

Indiscriminate tourism industry, especially in the Segur/Masinagudi area, poses a threat to the region. The mushrooming resorts with their electric fences serious hinder the movement of wild animals during migration.

The extensive growth of Invasive species, such as lantana, that hinder the natural regeneration process of the forests has occurred as a result of excessive cattle grazing.

Construction activities of the proposed India-based Neutrino Observatory at Singara, Masinagudi, are likely to have significant impacts on the local wildlife. The 5 year work plan, high volume of debris and waste disposal, blasting activities, extensive vehicular activity and large number of outside workers and their support infrastructure all threaten to disrupt the wildlife corridor on the Sigeur plateau, including Mudumalai Sanctuary, connecting the Western ghats and Eastern Ghats.

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