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Mayor Radhakrishnan Stadium

Mayor Radhakrishnan Stadium is a field hockey stadium at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. It was the venue to the 1996 Men's Champions Trophy, and hosted the tournament again in December 2005. It was also the venue for 2007 edition of Asian Hockey Championship, in which India triumphed by a thumping margin of 7-2 over South Korea. It is also the venue for all division matches of the Chennai Hockey Association. India

Mayor Radhakrishnan Stadium

International Hockey Federation

The International Hockey Federation (Fédération Internationale de Hockey sur Gazon, or FIH) is the global governing body for the sport of field hockey, which is known simply as hockey in many countries.

The FIH was founded in January 7, 1924 in Paris by Paul Léautey, who became the first president, in response to hockey's omission from the programme of the 1924 Summer Olympics. The seven founding members were Austria, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, France, Hungary, Spain and Switzerland. The FIH soon grew to have many members and achieve international recognition. In 1982, the FIH merged with the IFWHA (International Federation of Women's Hockey Associations), which had been founded in 1927 by Australia, Denmark, England, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, the United States and Wales.

The organisation is based in Lausanne since 2005, having moved from Brussels. The current president is Leandro Negre from Spain, who was elected on November 29, 2008 in Los Angeles, California.