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Coimbatore District

Coimbatore District கோயம்புத்தூர் மாவட்டம் is one of the more affluent and industrially advanced districts of the state of Tamil Nadu in India. The headquarters of the district is Coimbatore city, the second largest city in Tamil Nadu, which is located approximately 497 km from Chennai, the state capital, and 330 km from Bangalore. It is highest revenue yielding district in the state.

The district was ruled successively by several dynasties of South India. Under the Cholas during the 11th century, the present-day Coimbatore came into existence as a jungle village under an Irula chieftain. The district was occupied by Mysore in 1700s from the Madurai rulers and after the Mysore wars in 1799, the district was occupied by the British until the Indian independence in 1947.



Country  India
State Tamil Nadu
District(s) Coimbatore
Subdistrict Coimbatore, Pollachi, Tirupur
Headquarters Coimbatore
Largest city Coimbatore


4,271,856[1] (2001[update])
• 572 /km2 (1,481 /sq mi)
• 2,820,203 (2001[update])
Sex ratio M-51%/F-49% /
• Male
• Female
• 84.59%%
• 69.06%%
Language(s) Tamil

Coimbatore district lies in the western part of Tamil Nadu, part of the Kongu Nadu region. The district borders with Palakkad district of Kerala in the West, Nilgiris district in the north, Erode district in the North East and East, Idukki district of Kerala in the South and Dindigul district in the south east. The district has an area of 7,649 square kilometers. The South Western and Northern parts are hilly, part of the Western Ghats, and enjoys pleasant climate all throughout the year with heavy rainfall. To the West is the Palghat Gap, the only major pass in the long stretch of the ghats abutting Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The Palghat Gap, connecting Coimbatore city and Palakkad city, serves as an important transit link for both the states. The rest of the district lies in the rain shadow region of the Western Ghats and experiences salubrious climate most parts of the year. The mean maximum and minimum temperatures for Coimbatore city during summer and winter vary between 35°C to 18°C . The average annual rainfall in the plains is around 700 mm with the North East and the South West monsoons contributing to 47% and 28% respectively to the total rainfall. The major rivers flowing through the district are Bhavani, Noyyal, Amaravathi, Siruvani and Aliyar. The Siruvani river is the main source of drinking water for Coimbatore city and is known for its tasty water. Amaravathi Dam, which created Amaravathi Reservoir, is located at Amaravathinagar.

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