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Export Commodities

Salem is renowned for fabric exports, dating back to 1930's. Salem is the major exporter of fabric / cloth items until the recent development of Tirupur as a knitted garment export hub. Salem is also popular for its mangoes and are exported to different parts of the World. Plans are underway to build a mango pulp factory near Salem to export conditioned mango pulp.

Special Economic Zones (SEZ)

Being one of the fastest growing tier II cities, the Tamil Nadu government and ELCOT are planning to establish an IT park in Salem covering about 160 acres (0.65 km2) SAIL is planning a Steel SEZ inside the Salem Steel plant covering about 250 acres (1.0 km2)

There is an exclusive Electrical and Electronics Industrial Estate in the Suramangalam area of Salem city.

Mariamman temples

There are several Mariamman temples in Salem. Every year around July the city celebrates Mariamman festival for a fortnight. During this festival, goddess Mariamman is decorated with jewellery and flower chariots and taken around the city at midnight. On the first important day of the festival, people walk on fire (note: devotees call fire as flower) with their prayers. The second day is colourful with parades of fancy dress. Shevapet Mariamman temple car is the biggest one among the cars of Amman temples across the state. This festival is celebrated for a week. The Kottai Marriamman temple is very famous not only in Salem but throughout Tamil Nadu.

There is an Alagirnathar Thirukoil popularly known as "Kottai Perumal Koil", located at the heart of the city. The temple has been built centuries ago and has some beautiful sculptures. "Vaikunta Ekadasi" is the most famous festival in the temple, and on that day, lakhs of devotees visit the temple.In this temple, other festivals such as Brahmotsavam, Pavithrotsavam, Navarathri, and Puratasi are celebrated at good spirit. Thousands of devotees throng the temple during these days. "Aandaal Thirukalyanam" is a famous utsavam in the temple for which a special garland is brought from Sri Villi Puttur.

Sugavaneshwarar temple

The Sugavaneshwarar temple is also a very important shrine of Salem. Mythology records that sage Sugha Brahmarishi worshiped the lord here. Arunagirinadhar has sung a song on Lord Muruga in Sugavaneshwarar temple. There is Shri Hanuman, Ashram popularly known as Sri Baktha Varaprasadha Anjaneyar, Ashram, located at the heart of the city. Shri Hanuman also known as Shri Anjaneyar is enshrined in this Ashram. Shri Hanuman Jayanthi; Shri Ramanavami and New year celebrations are most famous events in this Ashram. The most important practice in this Ashram is, reciting Sundara Kandam of Ramayana, the most famous epic of India. The popular belief is that, Shri Hanuman is ardently listens to all the devotees while they recite the Sundara Kandam and blesses all the deveotees as well. At Seelanaickenpatty there is another hill for Lord Murugan, named Oothumalai. Kumaragiri is a small temple for Lord Muruga. It is situated 5 km from Salem city. A Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama is located in Salem. It was started in 1928 and made a branch of the mission in 1941. A relatively new ISKCON ashram is also present at Salem.

All parts of Salem are covered by mosques. Jamia masjid in Bazaar St, Meltheru and Keeltheru Mosques in Fort, mosques near railway junction and New integrated bus terminal, mosques in Ammapet, 5 Roads and Gugai are the famous one. Moreover there is a famous Arabic college located near Tamil Nadu Magnesite, Salem, offering world-class Arabic studies to the students.

Infant Jesus Church

Infant Jesus Church is situated at Four Roads, Salem. In 1930, the city was made the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Salem. The Bishop is Sebastianappan Singaroyan and the cathedral is the Infant of Jesus Cathedral. Also, Eden Gardens School near Gandhi Road area has an attached prayer hall which functions as LEF.


Yercaud is a hill station near Salem, Tamil Nadu, India in the Servarayan range of hills (anglicized as Shevaroys) in the Eastern Ghats. It is at an altitude of 1515 metres (4969 feet) above the mean sea level. The town gets its name from the lake located at its center - in Tamil "Yeri" means "lake" and "Kaadu" means "forest". Yercaud is known for coffee plantations and orange groves. It also has an orchidarium run by the Botanical Survey of India.

The highest point in Yercaud is the Servarayan temple. Hence the Yercaud hill area is called Shevaroy Hills.


Yercaud is also known as Poor man's Ooty.

Coordinates: 11°46′46″N 78°12′12″E / 11.7794°N 78.2034°E / 11.7794; 78.2034


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