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Virudhunagar District

Virudhunagar district is Famous of its Temples and Foods. It is one of the municipalities in Virudhunagar district of the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. In the beginning of 20th century AD; Virudhupatti was one among the six important places of Ramanathapuram District. Due to the rapid growth in the field of Trade and Education, it was renamed as Virudhunagar on 29 October 1923.

The term Virudhu means Award in Tamil. Virudhunagar is very famous for business. Virudhunagar does not produce anything but exports everything. It is a business hub like Singapore. All agriculture products like chilly, sesame are brought to Virudhunagar to sell and all buyers come to Virudhunagar to buy. Thus, got a saying Virudhunagar does not produce anything but Export everything. Former chief minister of Madras Province and president of the Indian National Congress K. Kamarajar were born here. Virudhunagar assembly constituency is part of Virudhunagar (Lok Sabha constituency).



From the 19th century AD, District Collectors and Judges appointed by the British controlled the area. In 1910, the District of Ramanathapuram was created for reasons of administrative convenience, by carving-out territories from Madurai and Tirunelveli Districts. In 1948, after India attained independence, the zamins were abolished. In 1980, the Ramanathapuram District was trifurcated to create the districts of Ramanathapuram, Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar Tirumagan(later renamed Sivaganga) and Kamarajar District (later renamed Virudhunagar District). The District headquarters is Virudhunagar town. It covers an area of 4232 sq. km. and is divided into 8 taluks, namely Aruppukkottai, Kariapatti, Rajapalayam, Sattur, Sivakasi, Srivilliputur, Tiruchuli and Virudhunagar.


Country  India
State Tamil Nadu
District(s) Virudhunagar
Subdistrict Sivakasi, Aruppukottai, Srivilliputhur, Rajapalayam
Headquarters Virudhunagar


9°34′59″N 77°57′29″E
Language(s) Tamil, English


4243 sq.kms
• Summer

• Max. 37.1°C, Min. 20.4°C



Every year during the Tamil month of Panguni, the famous Panguni Pongal festival is celebrated with several hundred thousand devotees taking up Fire Pot Procession as way of respect to Goddess Mariamman. Relatives and friends gather together during the processions for Water Deluge of Goddess Mariamman, Black and White dot smeared body adorned with neem leaves camaflouge dressing, Kairu Kutthu, Agni Chatti carrying by devotee’s plain palm and Temple Car (Therottam) functions and they go around the town.

A big festival is organised for Veyiilugandha amman during Tamil month Vaikasi. In the month of October to welcome the onset of monsoon, festivals are organised for Mother Goddess Kaliamman at various localities on every Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Karagam, Kolattam, Oyilattam and other lively programmes are organised on large scale at different streets during these weekly events in during September–October.

Virudhunagar Exhibition conducted in the KVS School premises for the benefit of school fund during summer holidays attracts many people from the nearby towns and village. The exhibition also serves as a unique family convention centre for matrimonial match making arrangement facility for the aspiring grooms and brides.

During Dusserah celebration, a large procession with Tiger Dance and Tamil Martial art fencing is organised by several locality groups of Virudhunagar town. To participate and witness in this festival, nearly one lakh people assemble in one evening. Virudhunagar has one Theppam (artificial pond to replenish ground water) in the center of the town. Now facilities have been done to maintain water in Theppam throughout the year. There are many yoga, music, dance and art classes in the town. There are several garden temples for kaaval deivangal (guardian angels) in Aruppukottai Road, Sattur Road, Madurai Road and in Chinnamoopanpatti village on the northern suburb of Virudhunagar. Festivals are celebrated during January, February in these garden temples in grand manner.

Minerals and Mining

The District consists of red loam, red clay loam, red sand, black clay and black loam in large areas with extents of black and sand cotton soil found in Sattur and Aruppukottai taluks. Limestone of different grades and common use minerals like sand, clay and gypsum are the minerals of economic value found. Granite of export value occurs in small pockets in the southern regions of the District.

Industries in Virudhunagar

* Match factories at Sivakasi, Sattur ,Virudhunagar.
* Fire works ,Off-set Printing Presses at Sivakasi.
* Nib Industry at Sattur.
* Ginning, Spinning & Weaving Mills, Rajapalayam.
* Madras Cements, Thulukkapatti.
* Tamilnadu Cements, Alangulam.
* Tamilnadu Asbestos, Alangulam.
* Bolts and Nuts (T.V.Sundaram Fastners) Aaviyur.

Pilgrims around Virudhunagar

* Andal Thirukkovil, Srivilliputur.
* Irukkankudi Mariamman Temple, Sattur.
* Srinivasaperumalkoil (Thenthiruppathi) at Srivilliputur.
* Boominathar temple, Thiruchuli.
* Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple, Aruppukottai.

Tourist places in Virudhunagar

* Memorial house of Kamarajar at Virudhunagar.
* Pilavakkal Dam near Watrap.
* Andal Koil at Srivilliputhur.
* Boominatharkoil and birth place of Ramana Maharishi at Thiruchuli.
* Ayyanar falls - 15 km from Rajapalayam.
* Shenbagathoppu - Alagarkoil near Srivilliputur.
* Sastha Koil - Near Thevathanam, Rajapalayam.

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