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Churches in Tamil Nadu - Trichy Churches

Christ Church (Schwartz), Trichy

Christ Church

This is the first English fort built in Tiruchirappalli, Christ Church, north of the Teppakulam , built by Schwartz in the year 1762 - 66 with funds subscribed by officers of the British garrison . It belongs to the society for the propagation of the gospel.

St. John's Church, Trichy

Churches in Trichy

Built in 1812, this Church has louvred doors, which when opened, turns the church into an airy pavilion. Its excellent setting and marvellous architecture, makes it a site worth visiting.

Avur Church, Trichy

Located at a distance of 30 km from Trichy is Avur, which is famous for an old church constructed by Father John Venantius Bouchet.

St. Lourd's Church, Trichy

Churches in Trichy

This church is located near the Rock - fort Teppakulam. Church of our Lady of Lourdes is the replica of the Basilica of Lourdes, the world famous place of pilgrimage in southern France .It is a remarkable feat of Indian craftsmanship and stained glass drawings.

The St. Joseph's Church - Golden Rock

Churches in Trichy

The St.Joseph's church at Ponmalai, with its gigantic spires, has an impressive and majestic appearance, situated opposite to the historic armory gate of Ponmalai workshop.The founder and main architect of the church was the late Rt. Rev. Msgr. Joseph alphonse de Rozario. On march 30, 1930, the church was dedicated to him. The Anglo-indian community, workers of railway workshop and the Indian families gave a part of their wages and also collected funds to build the church.

Vadugarpettai Church

Churches in Trichy

Vadugarpet Village is situated about 40 kms from Tiruchirappalli on the Tiruchirappalli -Ariyalur main road. Church of Our Lady of Good Heath was built by the celebrated Tamil Saint Veeramanuivar. This Shrine church has emerged as Vellanganni of Tiruchirappalli District. This Holy Shrine has been attracting thousands of people of all faiths and it is dedicated to Our Lady of Good Health (Arokia Matha ).This church is an ancient one built under different phases during last 300 years and more. As early as 1674, a portion of the Church was constructed and Rev.Fr .Vincent Puwart S. J. was the first Parish Priest. Saint Arulanandar ( St. John De Britto ), who was the Parish Priest constructed another portion in 1677. The main portions of the Church were constructed by Veeramamunivar (Rev.Fr .Joseph Constantine Beschi ) when he was the Parish priest from 1717 to 1720. Car Festival - Every year - Last week end of August to September - (10 days) and Askar Festival - Before Easter day -(1 day).

St. Xavier's Church, Purathakudi

Churches in Trichy

The St. Xavier Church Purathakudi 20 Kms from Tiruchy ,is a shining example of the fraternity that has existed between the Hindus and the Christians for over three Centuries. Purathakudi is a Christian Settlement.

St. Antony's Church in the Tiruchy-Chennai Highway at Konalai is not far from here.

St.Paul's Church - Worriyur

La Parisuthar Alayam - Puthur