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Viralimalai Sanctuary of Tamilnadu

Viralimalai is a developing town in Tamil Nadu, India located 30 km From Tiruchirapalli. Altitude: 137m. population:36,866.

The famous Lord Shanmuganathar temple is situated on the top of the granite hill at Viralimalai. The temple was once a renowned seat of the Bharatanatyam dance form and boasted of a separate dancer for each of the 32 adavu-s Most of the inhabitants of this village can trace their descent from the Isai-vellala (மேளக்காரர், Melakarar) community.




The natural caverns in the hillock show signs of early human habitation. This place may have shared the fortunes of Kodumbalur (கொடும்பாளுர்), six km away. The presence of an early Chola temple suggests that Viralimalai (விராலிமலை) was a prosperous village as early as the 9th century AD. The sides of this hill have traditionally been covered with non-thorny trees, mainly Wrightia (veppaalai, வெப்பாலை). Viralimalai is home to an exclusive kuravanji dance-drama. The kuravanji named after Viralimalai has had an unbroken tradition of presentation for nearly two centuries. On Maha Shivaratri night every year, till 1993, the kuravanji (குறவஞ்சி) was played as an all-night show to large crowds of nobles, officials and ordinary folk, in front of the mandapam below the foot of the hill.



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Peacock Sanctuary


Viralimalai is one of the few places where Peacocks, the National bird of India, are abundant. A large number of wild Peacocks roam around the Murugan Temple and surrounding woodlands, which form a sanctuary for the birds. The town, Temple and Peacock Sanctuary have been declared and funded as a Heritage Place by order of the Governor.