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Temples of The Navagrahams 

Name of Temple

Name of Deity


Built around


Suryanaar Temple Suryan (Sun) Suryanaar Kovil ]Tanjavur] 1100 CE 5] This is the only Navagraham temple where the other eight grahams are also present. But, unlike the usual Navagraham arrangement, all other grahams face Suryan here
Agneeswarar Temple Sukkiran ]Venus] Kanchanoor ]Tanjavur] 600-800 CE  
Kailasanathar Temple Chandiran (Moon) Tingalur (Tanjavur)    
Vaitheeswaran Temple Angaragan ]Mars] Tirupullirukku Velur ]Tanjavur] 600-800 CE  
Tirunageswaram Nageswarar Temple Raagu Tirunageswaram ]Tanjavur] 950 CE This temple was built by Gandaraditya Chola, son of Parantaka Chola I.
Tirunallaru Darbaaranyeswarar Temple Sani (Saturn) Tirunallaru ]Tanjavur]    
Keezhperumpallam Temple Kethu Keezhperumpallam ]Tanjavur]    
Tiruvirumpoolai Abathsahayeswarar Temple Guru (Jupiter) Alangudi [Tanjavur]    
Tiruvenkadu Swetaranyeswarar Temple Budhan (Mercury) Tiruvenkadu ]Tanjavur]    
Kuchanuraan Temple, Sri Mayakoothar Devasthanams, Perungulam Sani [Saturn] Kuchanur [Madurai[   Lord Saneeswaran is the main deity in this temple, unlike other temples where he is worshipped either along with other Navagrahams or is worshipped from a shrine that is a part of a bigger temple.
Saneeswarar Tirukkoil Sani (Saturn) Tirunaaraiyur a.k.a Nachiarkoil (Tanjavur)   This temple is a part of the Sri Ramanathaswami Temple at Tirunaaraiyur. It's the only temple where Saneeswaran is worshipped along with his two wives Mandhadevi and Jyeshtadevi (also known as Neeladevi) and his two sons, Maandhi and Kuligan.
Sri Vasishteswarar Temple Guru (Jupiter) Thenkudi Thittai (Tanjavur)   Sage Vasishtar is said to have worshipped Lord Siva in this temple. Lord Guru is worshipped as Guru Bhagavan from a separate shrine here, unlike in Alangudi where he is worshipped as Dakshinamurthi.
Arulmigu Thiruvaleswarar Temple Guru (Jupiter) Thiruvalithayam a.k.a. Paadi (Chennai)   The temple legend says that Brahaspati, one of the planets in Solar System, had descended upon the Earth and worshipped Lord Shiva as per the counsel of Sage Markandeyar for the atonement of his sins and was ultimately freed off his blemish.