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Temples of Lord Vinayagar

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Built around


Karpaga Vinayagar Temple Karpaga Vinayagar Pillayarpatti (karaikkudi) 400 CE One of only two temples in the world that show Vinayagar with two arms. The other is in Afghanistan.
Ucchi Pillayar Temple Ucchi Pillayar Tiruchirappalli 700-900 CE[

Vinayagar is shown with a small bump on his head, which was caused when Vibhishanan knuckled him on his hea


Meenakshi Amman Temple Mukkuruni Vinayagar Madurai 1600 CE This popular Vinayagar shrine is located inside the famous Madurai Meenakshi Temple.
Abhishtavaradha Ganapathi Temple Abhishtavaradha Ganapathi Tiruvaiyaru Tanjavur   Sage Agasthiyar attained his dwarf-form at this abode.
Naramuga Vinayagar Temple Naramuga Vinayagar Chidambaram (Cuddalore)   The Vinayagar idol is human-faced in this temple.
Ganapatheeswarar Temple Vatapi Ganapathi Tiruchenkattankudi Tanjavur 700 CE The Vinayagar idol was brought here from Vatapi by the Pallavas.
Khabartheesar Karpaga Nathar Temple Sweta Vinayagar Tiruvalanchuzhi Tanjavur   The Vinayagar idol represents the white image of Lord Vinayagar that was formed when the Devas churned the holy milky ocean (Tiruppaarkadal).