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Ariyalur District

Ariyalur is a Municipality in Ariyalur district in the state of Tamil Nadu, India

Ariyalur is one of the districts in Tamil Nadu state. It is rich in limestone resources. Big industrial houses like Birlas Grasim Industries, India cements, Dalmia cements, Madras cements have their cement units here. Tamil Nadu government's TANCEM factory is in Ariyalur. Elakurichi is an important tourist place.
Ariyalur district consists of 2 divisions viz., Ariyalur and Udayarpalayam, three Taluks viz., Ariyalur, Udayarpalayam and Sendurai and six blocks.

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Ariyalur district came into existence by bifurcating Perambalur as per G.O.Ms.No.683 Revenue RA1 Department dated 19.11.07. It is bounded on the North by Cuddalore, South by Thanjavur, East by Cuddalore and Thanjavur and West by Perambalur and Tiruchirapalli districts. The new Ariyalur district is functioning from 23.11.2007

Ariyalur District

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In 1741 the Marathas invaded Tiruchirappalli and took Chanda Saheb as captive. Chanda Saheb succeeded in securing freedom in 1748 and soon got involved in famous war for the Nawabs place in the Carnatic against Anwardeen, the Nawab of Arcot and his son Mohammed Ali.

Mohammed Ali annexed the two palayams of Ariyalur and Udayarpalayam located with troops were in the Ariyalur district on the grounds of default in payment of Tributes and failure to assist him in quelling the rebellion of Yusuf Khan. In November 1764, Mohammed Ali represented the issue to Madras Council and obtained military assistance on 3 January 1765. The forces led by Umdat-Ul-Umara and Donald Campbell entered Ariyalur and captured it. The young Poligar together with his followers there upon fled to Udayarpalayam. On the 19th January the army marched upon Udayarpalayam. The Poligar’s troops were defeated and the playams were occupied. The two poligars fled their town and took refuge in Tharangampadi, then a Danish Settlement. The annexation of the palayam gave the Navab un-interrupted possession of all his territories extending Arcot to Tiruchirapalli.

The history followed was a power struggle between Hyder Ali and later Thippu Sultan with the British. After the death of Thippu Sultan the English took the civil and military Administration of the Carnatic in 1801. Thus Tiruchirappalli came in to the hands of the English and the District was formed in 1801. In 1995 Tiruchirappalli was trifurcated and the Perambalur and Karur districts were formed. Perambalur district was divided into Perambalur and Ariyalur district in the year 2001 and merged with Perambalur in the year 2002. Then now the district is bifurcated from Perambalur and now functioning from 23.11.2007.