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VGP Rides


remarkable stone murals and statues form the backdrop over Which gushing water cascades in a quintessential fall, spraying cool droplets all over in a myriad rainbow colours.


created in 1980,designed as an ancient Chola Fort, in honour of The Founder Father-V.G. Paneeerdas, is History etched in stone. Exquistely carved Statues adorn the entire Fort, in an astonishing Sequence, never before seen in such Intricate detail. 6 Women statues on the left indicate six rivers- Ganga, Jamuna Saraswati, Brahmaputra, Krishna, and Godaveri. The six statues on the right depict Cauvery, Thenpennai, Vaigai, Palaru, Porunai, and Thamaraparani. The underlying Theme indicates that convergence of these rivers should prove adequate for the Water needs for all of India. There are 108 statues Pillars depicting famous characters from ancient Tamil History.


the famous statue man is one of the stellar attractions of the VGP. Amusement Park. He is a picture of immobility and yet very real. The challenge here is to make him move and the prize is yours.


standing under the rain umbrella, is a very cooling experience.


the largest collection fish this side of the Divide can be found here Sporting the multi- colors of the rainbow,, fish of all sizes and shapes. Of all hues and colors ,of all species and class, they create a visual delight for the Young and the old alike.

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