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Mega Tv (India)

Coming out with a distinct vision to ensure purposeful and positive entertainment to the Tamil populace, MEGA TV, a 24 hour free-to-Air Tamil news, current affairs and entertainment channel, is all set to hit the air in near future.


Mega Tv

We are proud to introduce this channel which promises to bring about a healthy environment in the society by ensuring thought-provoking entertainment and balanced reporting. We have set for ourselves certain lofty goals that distinguish our channel.

Ensuring the importance of regional aspirations, all the while upholding the spirit of nationalism has been the hallmark of every Indian national. The MEGA TV will strive to uphold nationalistic ideals, while articulating regional aspirations of Tamils and our culture.

Saving the younger generation from the invasion of alien cultures has become a matter of grave concern for all those who respect the pristine glory and cultural traditions of our nation. Welcoming the positive aspects of every culture and tradition of the world, we have at the same time set for ourselves a goal to propagate and promote our culture and tradition through our channel, which would be an eye opener for the youth enamored by western influence.

Positive, thought provoking entertainment would be our USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Trust in social thinking and a positive outlook would form the under current of all our entertainment programs, whether it be film-based or non-film serials.

Education, Entertainment and Empowerment has been set as our goal in all programs aimed at catering to the needs of the youth and women. Special thrust will be given for youth and women based programs along with every Indian to enjoy.

Creating awareness among the general public is our mission for the channel and in this respect we propose to highlight all the schemes and programs of both central and state governments, so that the funds earmarked in the budgets reach the targeted population and the needy.

What has been given herein is just the tip of the ice berg. With this we launch our MEGA TV channel.

For More Details Log On to www.megatv.in/
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