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Jaya TV (India)

Jaya TV is one of the major Tamil language satellite television channels based in Chennai, India. The channel is always criticised for its pro AIADMK approach in news and other programs and the same is justified like its rival channel, Sun TV.

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Popular programs of Jaya TV is now available on Tharisanam TV for Australia and New Zealand viewers.

Jaya TV is the only channel that has equal coverage to SUN TV. But limited only to Tamil language unlike SUNTV which has diversified in all south Indian languages. Although the news content is ProAiadmk like the SUNTV's pro DMK stand the channel gives more importance to social issues.

Of late news broadcast by JayaTV has content to bringout the demerits of ruling DMK party a similar stance taken by the SUNTV during the AIADMK rule when it was fully criticizing the AIADMK govt.

The Network runs a number of popular serials presented by some of the best names in South Indian films today. These in combination with a number of popular chat shows and game shows give the network an edge with the viewers.

                In today's world information is the catch word and the Jaya Television Network has capitalised on the increasing demand for news that is unbiased, timely and accurate.

For More Details Log On to www.jayanetwork.in/
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