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History Of Coimbatore

Originally Coimbatore district formed part of the Kongu country, the history of which dates back to the Sangam age. It is found that in early by tribes, the most predominant among them being the Kosars who are reported to have had their headquarters


Kosampathur which probably later became the present Coimbatore. However, tribal predominance did not last long as they were over-run by the Rashtra Kutas.

During the early period it was inhabited by o territory encompassing Coimbatore. They established a planned layout, with the Koniamman temple in the center. It is als o found that in early days this area was ruled by tribals, Kosars tribe being the prominent one g them. They had their headquarters at Kosampathur, which probably later became the present Coimbatore.
The Sugarcane Breeding Institute at Coimbatore, 1927

Coimbatore was also the trading zone for the early visitng ro ans[citation needed]. vellalore near coimbatore is a trading hub. By the early 14th century, the region was ruled by the Muslim rulers of Madurai under the Delhi Sultanate[citation needed]. The Muslim rule in mpire. TIn the 1760s, the Mysore one was usurped in a coup by General Hyder Ali. Ali was hostile to the British, who were gahrone was handed over to the earlier Mysore rulers. At that time the British annexed the Co mbatore region in the Madras Preside en Hyder Ali acquired Coimbatore, the population was around 3000. The village dwindled to 1500 by Tipu's death. Nayaks established their state as an independent kingdom, with other Vijayanagar offshoots for g new kingdoms in Vellore, Tanjore, Gingee, Chandragiri and Mysore. The ayaks introduced the Palayakkarars, who were milit governors of their respective region By the 1700s, frequent figh g between Madurai and Mysore forces in the Coimbatore region resulted in the region eing ruled by Mysore. At this time Coimbatore was still a village of around 3000 people.

Coimbatore played a prominent role in the Sec nd Poligar War against the British in 1801, hen the first attack as done against the British Columns stationed in Coimbatore by the King Dheeran Chinnamalai, Polig of Salem, Coimbat e and Dindigul region along with some Malabar and Mysore rebels.

In 1804 Coimbatore was established as a capital for the ne ly formed Coimbatore district a 1848, it was accorded the municipality status. Sir Robert Stanes, a British entrepreneur and philanthropist, became the first Chairman of the Coimbatore City Council and also founded the titute of the district.

In 1981 Coimbatore became a corporation with annexation of the Singanallur municipality. The Tamil N ted its centenary with the opening of the Research Institute building.

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